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The Baptism is Sanctioned by:

The Northern Pontifical Academy (NPA)

The Gnostic Christian Church of the First Christians of Antioch Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate (Apostolically founded in Ecuador thereby in 1968). Government Approved and Registered as a Mystical Order in 1975. No. 1725



The Nordic Pontifical Academy (NPA) primary purpose is the Unification of All of Earth’s Cosmic Energies and Aspirations for Cosmic Communion on a common basis of comprehension of the Fundamental Principles of Life, Natural and Universal, holding All Life Sacred, and thus Inviolable. By Compassion in the free exercise, we shall transcend the narrow limits of creed and dogma, to end intolerance and sectarianism, which divide and antagonize the human race, destroying world peace. NPA works for a Synthesis of the Life Principles and Unification in Cosmos, Love and Wisdom, among all scientific, philosophic and religious movements.

Copywrite NGU, Northern Pontifical Academy 2015 (A.I.C.)