Psychedelic drugs, 4 and 5 dimensional information

Stay away from psychedelic drugs!

Abstain them!

Here is some information that today's three-dimensional science does not know about. The video is in English but it is possible to set captions to other languages. The video belongs to the NGU (AIC project).

We know that some people may react strongly to certain things we convey here. Things that happen to drug users behind the scenes on a four- and five-dimensional plane are of negative nature only. The use of drugs leads gradually toward obsession - a phenomenon that is categorically denied by today's school medical trained psychiatrists and psychologists. See the video about obsession below. Stay updated by subscribing to our news mail - then you will get information on our new articles and videos.


Here is a video about obsession

This information corresponds with what we know ourselves, through our beholding behind the "scenes".

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