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Today's Science

Today's science is divided into many areas. Science had its breakthrough in the late 1600s. The main forerunners of science were Rene Descartes, Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton.

All scientific disciplines are derived originally from cosmic mathematics. Mathematics creates physics that controls chemistry. Chemistry creates certain phenomena that can be studied through biology. Here people study for example how a worm moves and divide them into different categories.

You cannot bring about changes in biology if you do not change the chemistry, physics or mathematics. Everything is connected. Science must turn to knowing, i.e. direct perception of how things are connected. There is no separation even if we currently perceive life that way.

The Sciences of the Cosmos

We can only perceive with our physical senses the third dimension. From the most distant, down-transformed and dense energy we on earth are trying to understand how our universe works. On this level we are as far away as we possibly can get from the universal creative power.

The 6-10th dimensions belong to the implicit (folded), virtual, spiritual, unmanifested part of the energy - information and consciousness.

The 5-3rd dimensions represent the explicit (unfolded), mind-related, manifested part of the energy - information and consciousness.

The third dimension to which Earth belongs represents the lowest and most sluggish part of the energy - information and consciousness.

Three-dimensional science:

This link will take you to some short courses tailored to the severity of the nine-year compulsory school in Sweden. They are adapted for 14-16 year old students (lower high school). These are all basic courses to pass the classes, not to reach the higher marks. They are compiled by Lars Helge Swahn who have used them during 10 years of teachings in the Swedish compulsory school.

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The course is compiled by Admin

These basic courses are compiled by Lars Helge Swahn. They are designed for 15-16 year old students in order to reach basic skills in science. The courses do also provide an easier way to understand the NGU (AIC) gnostic teachings.

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